Heat press machines are both comfortable to use and affordable. They’re perfect for printing businesses that need to produce output every day. But even if you aren’t going to use it for business, it’s still a significant investment. Imagine, you can now print your favorite food or place on a plain shirt and be different from everyone else! To get the most out of your heat press, read the following steps and tips:

Step 1: Prep the material and design


Don’t start unless you’ve prepared the material (e.g., shirt) and the transfer paper that contains the artwork you’ve chosen. Prepping ahead will allow smooth and quick operation.

Step 2: Power it up

Before turning the press machine on, connect it to a 220V electric socket. All heat press devices are compatible with a 220V, so you don’t have to worry. After plugging the machine, switch it on.

Step 3: Make adjustments

Adjust the thermostat settings. You can do this by turning the knob to your right until a red light appears. The red light means your machine is now heating. Take note that your machine requires a high level of heat to be able to create excellent output. Don’t be afraid to increase the heat level. A low-level heat will only ruin the design you’re trying to transfer to the material you’ve chosen.

Step 4: Make adjustments (again)

Give time for the thermometer to read the proper temperature value for your transfer. After which, turn the knob to the left until the red light disappears. The red light will continue to go on and off once in a while, but don’t panic. It does so to keep the correct temperature.

Step 5: Start it

If your heat press has a digital timer, then start the process by pressing its button. Once you hear the alarm, turn the timer off immediately.

Step 6: Open it

Lift your machine handle up to open the press and prepare it for printing.

Step 7: Place the material and artwork

Lay the garment on your machine (assuming you’re trying to print on a shirt). Also, lay heat press machinethe transfer paper onto your shirt while facing it down. I suggest you iron the shirt first before this process—it removes moisture and creases.

Step 8: Close it

Once the transfer paper is correctly on the shirt, bring the machine’s handle down and secure it in place.

Step 9: Set the timer

Follow the temperature stated on the transfer paper you used, then set the machine’s timer.

Step 10: Open it (again)

Once the timer alarm goes off, lift the handle of the machine to open the press. Next, peel the transfer sheet from the tee.

Step 11: Allow it to dry completely

Finally, wait at least 24 hours before you wash the shirt. This will give the design enough time to stick well to your garment.

Note: Make sure you don’t print on sensitive materials that melt once they are exposed to a hot surface.

Here’s a tutorial video we found on YouTube. Enjoy!

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